About me

About me

My name is Aileen and I was born and raised in Cologne, Germany 🇩🇪

In 2011 I took a sabbatical and traveled the world for six month. This "time-out" from the normal 9-5 rat race absolutely changed my perspective on work and life.

After some big changes in my personal life, I took a kitesurfing trip to El Gouna, Egypt, where I met a so called "nomad". He told me that you can live anywhere you want as long as you have wifi. You just gotta find the right job for that (note for my Gen-Z friends: In the year 2013 it wasn't common to work remotely).

My brain when I got told I could work from wherever I want

The seed was planted and I went home, quit my job, sold everything that I owned and headed off to live in El Gouna, Egypt to teach myself how to code.

I got the greatest opportunity to start to help out at Ghost which I didn't think twice about and my path took me from there and I kept and still keep learning from an amazing team! Nowadays I'm working as a Business Engineer and still in love with the job and my team equally.

Travel has been slowed down in the year 2020, as it has for everyone, but you can usually follow my path on Nomadlist.

What is this site about?

I've always had the ambition to post more on social media just to keep friends and family up to date, but I never really stuck with it. I'm not very good in keeping this up and don't really identify with the fake world of social medias.

With Ghost supporting Memberships and Subscriptions natively I saw another chance of "doing it the way I like it". The majority of posts - and even occasionally a newsletter - will be for an invite only group of people. I would very much like to select who follows updates in my life. It gives me way more than having some likes in the latest Instagram post from some strangers.

Here, I can write about what I think and just be Aileen. And this is exactly what you can expect: a collection of stuff that's going on in my life. This could be about traveling lifestyle with all pros and cons, working remotely, being a woman, messing with my hair, fitness, food or whatever else is on my list of latest obsessions.

Anyway, if you'd like to join me on my adventure, just drop me a few lines to my email and I'll add you as a member.

Hope you enjoy my own little internet island!

xoxo, Aileen